CapStone CleanAir offers a high-performance antimicrobial coating which gives you lasting control of mold growth, and transmittance of viruses and bacteria, with AEGIS Microbe Shield®.

The application of AEGIS Microbe Shield is done in three steps to ensure the most effective results:

  • Identify. Our team of specialists identify the problem and its source through visual diagnosis, air/surface samples, or any other means needed to collect data about contaminants. We then offer solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Sanitize. We clean, disinfect, and deodorize the area with products specially formulated for compatibility with our brand of choice, AEGIS Microbe Shield.

  • Protect and prevent. Applying AEGIS Microbe Shield protects your indoor environment by preventing mold spores, viruses and bacteria from gaining a foothold.



The science behind the antimicrobial coating with AEGIS Microbe Shield technology is unique. Rather than the typical method of removing germs with chemicals, AEGIS kills microbes mechanically. 

This makes AEGIS safe for people, bad for germs and mold.

On a microbial level, mold, bacteria, and viruses are drawn to the electrically charged molecules of AEGIS. The chemical structure of AEGIS Microbe Shield is in the form of a spike which impales their cell membrane and destroys the cell. 

The charge in AEGIS molecules also means it binds to every surface it comes in contact with.


  • Multi-purposed. AEGIS Microbe Shield is effective on virtually any surface such as building materials, carpets, fabrics, and countertops.

  • Efficient disinfectant. Electrostatic charges attract and kill microbes that chemical poisoning would otherwise miss.

  • Versatility. AEGIS Microbe Shield can be used to treat existing contamination or prevent it from happening in the future.

In short, AEGIS Microbe Shield is both safer and more effective.



Check how Aegis Microbe Shield can Fit with Any Situation and Environment.

classroom antimicrobial shield


Classrooms are a breeding ground for many viruses and bacteria.

Using an antimicrobial coating, AEGIS Microbe Shield, you significantly reduce the transmittance of infectious disease in your schools and in turn, increase attendance rates.

antimicrobial coating gyms locker rooms


Treating indoor environments such as Gyms & Locker Rooms with AEGIS Microbe Shieldtechnology provides permanent protection against infectious fungi and bacteria.

university mold problem


Spraying every surface in a dorm room greatly reduces the growth of mold and spread of viruses and bacteria.

dirty HVAC mold


What a better place to stop air contamination than at the source?

Antimicrobial coating using AEGIS Microbe Shield® applied to supply grills can significantly improve the air quality and freshen areas being served.



A sustainable method of disinfection is extremely important in Clean Rooms such as those found in labs and pharmacies.  

The antimicrobial coating from AEGIS Microbe Shield applications kill germs on contact and greatly reduce cross contamination. 

TV studio antimicrobial coating


Detailed cleaning and application of the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology provided this international TV studio with a sustainably fresh and healthy workplace.

hidden areas mold virus


The underside  and edges of these tables are often spots where mold and bacteria build-up.  

These are also the locations where children put and wipe their hands while eating.  

AEGIS Microbe Shield helps combat the build-up of germs in places not typically wiped.

Electrostatics ensure 100% coverage of all surfaces, top-to-bottom, side-to-side, giving you peace of mind that mold will not find a secluded nook or cranny to grow out of sight

microbe shield at library


AEGIS Microbe Shield technology provided an antimicrobial coating which was applied to this library, combating humidity control issues that lead to mold growth on books.

jail mold treatment


A major health epidemic with inmate populations are outbreaks of pathogens like MRSA. AEGIS Microbe Shield works 24/7 combats the spread of MRSA and other organisms by killing them on contact on treated surfaces. 

church mold prevention


AEGIS Microbe Shield® was applied to all interior surfaces of this Church, promoting freshness and creating surfaces that would kill germs - promoting good health.

Unknowingly, a year later, the church area was badly damaged by rising floodwaters from a hurricane.  The basement level filled with water for weeks before power could be restored to pump the water out.  

During that time, humidity rose so high in the entire church that the plaster layer on the ceiling of the sanctuary collapsed.  

During repairs, it was observed that despite all the water damage and high humidity, no mold growth whatsoever had occurred anywhere in the building and there were no mold odors.  AEGIS Microbe Shield® prevented catastrophic mold damage and costly clean up.



CapStone doesn't just stop at applying an antimicrobial coating to kill bacteria, viruses, and more. We take the time to customize a CleanAir solution for you, which can include:

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