Over many years in the field of indoor air quality, we've seen how transforming buildings into energy saving buildings also promotes clean air throughout the facility, and lowers maintenance costs.

ThermaCote saves energy through reflective ceramic technology while providing a waterproof finish and fighting weathering with built in corrosion protection. ThermaCote is usually spray applied for best results, and because it's a breathable water barrier with a high solid content, it resists condensation and has a very low shrinkage rate, helping to minimize damaging expansion and contraction of building roofing systems.  

ThermaCote is manufactured with no hazardous materials and is a water-based acrylic formula, making it environmentally friendly, and with low VOC content.


Common applications include roofs, exterior or interior concrete block walls, air handlers, piping, drywall, liquid containers, refrigerated containers, coating insulation, and coating interior metal surfaces for thermal barrier or fireproofing applications. 

And because of this versatility with creating energy saving buildings, ThermaCote is an excellent choice for indoor applications where application odors are concern - such as school or office settings, or HVAC systems.


Capstone Clean Air environmental specialists are authorized applicators of ThermaCote.  



Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself why the benefits of using ThermaCote for commercial or residential, exterior or interior application, make this our top recommendation for energy saving buildings.

Save Energy

  • Keep it cool. Through the use of ceramic technology, ThermaCote reflects solar heat and reduces your building's heat load.
  • Save energy. ThermaCote's insulating properties help reduce energy bills. 
  • Seal the envelope. (walls, roof and slab) of any structure.


Save Money

  • Unmatched ROI. ThermaCote is guaranteed for life for indoor use and 10 years for outdoor applications. 
  • Waterproof your building. ThermaCote gives any surface it's applied to a waterproof finish.
  • Corrosion protection. prevents rust and weathering.


Promote Clean Air

  • Prevent condensation and thermal bridging within concrete slabs and metal surfaces, such as HVAC ductwork and chilled or hot water pipes


Be Green

  • Certified Green product to the California DHS 01350 standards for Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms & Offices.
  • Virtually VOC free. ThermaCote's water-based acrylic formula is friendly to indoor and outdoor environments.


Be Safe

  • Meets International and national traction standards. Slip resistant-when-wet finish coating for sidewalks, parking lots and ramps.


All this, and you even get a color choice. Currently there are 19 colors to choose from.



Check out our Before and After Pictures and See What ThermaCote can do.

before energy saving building

Hot Metal Roofs

Metal roofs experience constant exposure to high temperatures and elements that cause corrosion and rust.  A hot metal roof also requires your HVAC system to work harder to keep the environment cool. 

Variations in roof temperature cause expansion and contraction which eventually break seams; making a sweltering hot roof even more inefficient. This leads to water leaks and access for pests.

Ultimately, if metal roofs are left untreated, compromises to building integrity are a very real possibility.

after energy saving building roof repair

Repaired Metal Roof

CapStone patches and repairs troubled areas, and re-coats roofs using ThermaCote®. 

By radiating a large percentage of solar heat away from the building, the temperature swings are moderated and the building is cooler inside and out. 

Refreshed and renewed, these roofs are ready to save energy costs for years to come.


before energy saving waterproofing coating

Sweating Exhaust Duct in a Building

Condensation issues resulted in continual staining of ceiling tiles beneath this plenum box, and put the surrounding areas at higher risk of moisture-related damage and mold growth.

after energy saving waterproofing coating

Exhaust Plenum Box Dry and No Longer Sweating

Thermacote solved the problem by inhibiting sharp temperature differences between the cold metal surface and the warm moist air surrounding it.

moldy HVAC system

Moldy HVAC System

This commercial ductwork system suffered from thermal inefficiency and mold growth.

HVAC system energy saving buildings

After ThermaCote® Application

A quick dry time, zero flame spread, waterproofing abilities and virtually no VOCs all let to the decision to use ThermaCote for this energy saving building.

hazardous walkways

Wooden Deck and Walkways

Wooden decking and walkways can get slippery with age, causing loss of integrity and creating hazards such as splinters & exposed nail heads. 

safe walkways

After ThermaCote application

By reducing heat exchange, ThermaCote reduces stress and strain on existing substrates; prolonging structural integrity. ThermaCote increases traction and reflects heat, keeping this walkway nice and cool on hot summer days.


Learn more about waterproofing and energy saving buildings with ThermaCote using the links at the bottom of the page. Or watch this video from ThermaCote.



CapStone doesn't just stop at transforming buildings in to energy saving buildings. We take the time to customize a CleanAir solution for you, which can include:

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