How is it applied?

The recommended application method is to spray apply ThermaCote to achieve the most cohesive and even finish.

Is this a product for residential or commercial use?

ThermaCote acts to improve the energy efficiency and safety in any structure, residential or commercial.

Are there color options?

Yes. ThermaCote comes in a wide range of "Cool Colors." Also, ThermaCote can act as your primer coat and will accept any topcoat color you choose. 

Is it safe for indoor use?

Yes, ThermaCote is safe for indoor use and it is third party certified green to California’s Indoor Air Qual­ity Stan­dards in Class­rooms and Offices (DHS 01350). The VOC level of ThermaCote is ultra low at 5.3 G/L, which is much friendlier to your indoor environment than the majority of paint/coating products on the market today.

Can you paint over it?

ThermaCote is a great primer as it has built in corrosion inhibitors and will prolong the life of your structure.

How often do I need to re- apply?

Interior applications will last the life of the structure with no re-application necessary. Exterior applications will typically require a re-application around 10–15 years dependent on climate conditions and proper substrate care (roof washing 1x a year).

What are the most common applications?

Metal roof and metal structure applications are the most common. Residential structures and concrete slabs are economical and efficient applications as well.

What substrates does it apply to?

Steel, wood, concrete, masonry block and brick, asphalt shingles, plastic, glass, canvas, hardy plank, etc. ThermaCote will apply to almost any clean and dry surface.

Is it hazardous to the environment?

A. No, ThermaCote is made with no hazardous ingredients and it is not harmful to the environment during manufacture or application.

Can you clean it?

It is recommended that you clean all exterior applications as needed and interior applications can be cleaned as needed with a wet sponge.

Do you offer a warranty?

ThermaCote offers a 10 year warranty on roofs when a maintenance plan is in place with the installing contractor.


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